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Installation of ventilation and recuperation systems

The many years of experience of our specialists allows us to undertake the installation of:

  • extract ventilation systems
  • supply and exhaust ventilation systems;
  • recuperation systems;
  •  industrial ventilation systems for various technological purposes.



We carry out small projects such as the recuperation system for a single-family building, as well as larger projects involving the installation of an industrial ventilation system.

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Each object is unique, so we approach each one individually, paying attention to all tasks and technological nuances.

Before starting work, we make sure the project is correct and agree it with the client.

Stages of ventilation installation:

  1. Preparation – first visit, gathering information and documentation on the existing ventilation system, if any, or designing a new one;
  2. Preparation of the offer ;
  3. Signing the contract;
  4. Ordering, delivery and preparation of the necessary equipment;
  5. Main stage: installation of the ventilation system;
  6. Final stage: commissioning, checking the correct operation of all equipment and system components.