STANDARD assembly – the most frequently ordered type of assembly, the fastest, it takes about 4-6 hours.

During such installation we adapt to the existing conditions, we install internal and external units in accessible places. Refrigeration system is usually installed in plastic decorative ducts. We run the power supply from the nearest outlet and the condensate is drained outside by gravity.

We pay special attention to cleanliness during the works and after their completion.

This kind of installation is most often done when you buy an air conditioner from us. We also install devices purchased by the customer on their own.

The warranty period for the works performed is equal to the manufacturer’s warranty period for the device, so from 2 to 5 years.

STANDARD installation includes:

  • initial viewing of the installation site and pricing
  • 1 driveway in the area of Warsaw
  • 55 mm drill hole in external wall
  • Installation of indoor unit at height up to 3.0m
  • Installation of the outdoor unit at a height of up to 3.0m without the use of a hoist
  • refrigeration installation with certified copper pipes (up to 5.0 m.b.)
  • gravity drainage of condensate
  • connection of air-conditioning unit to existing electrical installation
  • leakage check of the installation
  • execution of vacuum
  • air-conditioning system start-up, checking correctness of operation and parameters
  • operating instructions
  • all necessary installation elements.


This type of installation is used when renovating or finishing a room.

Most air conditioners consist of two (Split System) or more (Multi-Split System) units. The indoor and outdoor units are connected by freon piping, electrical wiring and additionally require a condensate drainage system from the indoor unit. If the room is finished, in most cases the installations are concealed in plastic decorative ducts, which are nevertheless visible.

“Installation in two stages” is to divide the installation work into two parts:

  • The first stage – the dirty work during the renovation. At this stage, it is possible to hide the installation in grooves in the wall. Fitters install freon, water and electrical installations but do not install the device.
  • Second stage – clean works after the renovation is finished. At this stage, the team mounts the air conditioner on the already prepared installation.

Advantages of “Installation in two stages”:

  • The customer gets a perfect installation of the air conditioner, with no visible decorative ducts. All installations are hidden – under the plaster, in the floor, behind the ceiling.
  • During the renovation, it is possible to lead the water installation to the nearest sewage system.
  • During the renovation it is also possible to lead a supply cable to the electrical distribution cabinet in order to supply the appliance separately, with a separate fuse.
  • The second stage does not have to be implemented immediately after the completion of the renovation, it can be postponed and completed at a convenient time, in a few months or even years. In this way, you can save on purchasing appliances during the renovation and, for example, divert the money to more urgent expenses. You can buy and install appliances at a later date and maybe even opt for a higher-end model.


VRF/VRV systems are used primarily in large facilities with a large number of rooms in need of cooling or heating. They consist of one or more aggregates and several or even dozens of indoor units. The most extensive systems (for example, in hotels) may consist of several hundred indoor units.

There are also mini-VRF systems on the market, usually used in single-family houses.

The experience of our specialists and equipment allow us to install VRF/VRV systems both in small single-family buildings and larger facilities. We perform installation of two-pipe systems and more advanced three-pipe systems.

For installation of such systems it is required to make a project.

The assembly works are performed only during the building construction or its modernization.