I-Klimat sp. z o.o. offers consultancy, sales, installation, service and repair of air-conditioning systems in Warsaw and Mazowieckie voivodship. We provide services in 4 languages: Polish, English, Ukrainian and Russian.

You don’t know where to start? It’s simple, contact us and our specialist will comprehensively deal with the realization of the order.


Professional arrival, initial consultancy and assistance in selecting the air conditioner. The service is free of charge.


Presentation of an offer, making a decision, setting dates.


Delivery and installation of the air-conditioning unit.


Long and reliable operation thanks to regular seasonal maintenance.

We offer professional installation of various types of air conditioners:

  • wall
  • duct
  • ceiling
  • cassette

Many years of experience of our specialists allows us to undertake installation of type systems:

  • Split (1 external unit /1 internal unit)
  • Multi-Split (1 external unit / up to 5 internal units)
  • VRF (1 unit / dozens of indoor units)

Our customers are:

  • Individual customers (installation of air conditioner in house, flat)
  • B2B clients (offices, shops, server rooms, restaurants and hotels)
  • Companies that deal with housing finishing
  • architects
  • other companies in the air-conditioning industry with whom we work on a subcontracting basis

We perform installation of both air conditioners purchased from us and the customer’s devices. We also install used air conditioners.

Air conditioning at home

Design of the air conditioner. We offer our customers models with classic design and more innovative – in different colours and even in the shape of a painting.

Noise level. This aspect is particularly important when the air conditioner is to be installed in the bedroom;

Air filtration quality. Manufacturers offer both air conditioners with standard air purification (mesh filters) and more advanced purification systems – additional antibacterial filters, Self-Cleaning functions, ionizer, UV light and many other solutions.

Additional functions. Very often attention is paid to the Wi-Fi control function or energy-saving functions – for example, a function for detecting people in the room or night mode, Eco mode.

In homes, customers usually install Split systems (one unit/one indoor unit) on the wall or, in the case of renovations in the flat, ducted systems. If there is no space for external units, they often order Multi-Split systems with one unit and several indoor units.


Air conditioning for the office

When installing air conditioning in an office or shop, less attention is paid to the design, noise level or quality of air purification. The main advantages of such air conditioners are to be reliability and energy efficiency. Due to greater installation possibilities, duct, cassette or console units are often installed instead of classic wall air-conditioners.