Servicing your air conditioner is no less important than a well-executed installation. The frequency and quality of maintenance will determine how long your air conditioner will last and how clean the air you breathe will be. An air conditioner is not only used to cool or heat air, but also to purify it. When using an air conditioner, up to 98% of dust remains in it. Not only on filters, but also on other components – housing, fan, exchanger.

What does a standard A/C service include?

Cleaning of the indoor unit.

The first activity is cleaning of all unit components – filters, housing, fan, exchanger, louvers, condensate tray. Cleaning is performed with water and detergents.


At this stage all previously cleaned components should be treated with a de-fumigation agent. We focus particular attention on cleaning the exchanger and

This is where dust comes into contact with water and where most fungi accumulate.

If necessary, we use a steam generator. At the temperature of about 100ºC most bacteria are killed.

Cleaning the outdoor unit.

The outdoor unit of course does not need to be de-funged, but it is exposed to dust from the street and needs regular cleaning. A heavily soiled unit can cause serious malfunctions and lead to the replacement of the entire air conditioner. To clean the casing, exchanger and fan we use a special cleaner that can dissolve even the strongest dirt.

Checking the refrigeration system for leaks.

It is very important to check the refrigeration system (we check its tightness and most important parameters).

Checking correct operation of the unit.

At this stage we check the air conditioning in different modes, its efficiency, check the condensate drainage system and electrical connections.