I-Klimat Sp. z o.o., based in Warsaw’s Bielany district, specialises in professional air conditioning and ventilation services
in Stare Babice and the surrounding area.

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Here are our main activities:

  • Air conditioning consulting: Our experts provide expert support to help you choose the right air conditioning solutions.
  • Sales and installation of air conditioners: We offer installation of  SplitMulti-Split air conditioners and VRF systems.
  • Authorised brand partners: We are official partners of renowned companies such as HAIERGREEAUXCooper & HunterFUJI ElectricMitsubishi ElectricDAIKIN and Mitsubishi Heavy Ind. We are authorised, which enables us not only to sell and install units from these brands, but also to service them, both warranty and after-warranty.
  • Service and repair of air conditioners of other brands: Our knowledge and experience also allows us to provide service for air conditioners of other manufacturers.

Air conditioning installation in Stare Babice

Our company is distinguished by its professional approach and responsibility in every order. This is what sets us apart from other installation companies:

  • Expert consultation: our experts offer expert air conditioning consultation. We help you select the right equipment and solutions to meet your individual needs.
  • Experienced team of technicians: Our technicians have many years of experience, some of whom have been working in the HVAC industry for several years. They are happy to install and service SplitMulti-Split and more advanced VRF air conditioning systems.
  • Competent managers: our team of managers, with extensive experience in the air-conditioning industry, provide expert advice. We provide the best terms of cooperation, from consultation to the purchase of equipment, air conditioning installation and warranty and post-warranty inspections.
  • Support in many languages: If you need to buy an air conditioner in Stare Babice or receive expert advice, contact us. For service in Polish or English call  691 222 252, and for service in Polish and Ukrainian call 721 214 700.

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How to order air conditioning installation Stare Babice.

The installation of an air conditioning unit in Stare Babice  is a task that can be ordered without too much difficulty. Here are the steps you need to take to order air conditioning installation:

  1. Contact the office: Contact our office by phone at 691 222 252 or 721 214 700, or email your enquiry to: biuro@iklimat.pl.
  2. Site visit with a technician: It is advisable to arrange a site visit with a technician before installation. This will verify the technical possibilities and, based on your expectations and requirements, the manager will draw up an offer containing the best conditions for the purchase and installation of an air conditioner in Stare Babice.
  3. Professional installation: Our qualified team of technicians will start the installation on the agreed date. We keep an eye on order during and after the work is completed.

Cost of air conditioning Stare Babice

How much does air conditioning installation cost in Stare Babice? A standard installation of an air conditioner in Stare Babice costs approximately PLN 1700,00 net.. What does ‘standard installation’ mean? This is the most common type of installation in already inhabited flats, operating shops or offices. Such an installation usually takes between 4 and 6 hours. However, if there are additional requirements or the need for additional mechanisms and materials, the price may change, as these generate additional costs and time.

Installing air conditioning ‘in two stages’ During the finishing work, it is worth considering splitting the installation into two stages:

  • Dirty work: The first part involves work at the beginning of the finishing process. This is when it is worthwhile to carry out the furrowing, lay the freon installation, the electrical installation and the condensate drainage installation.
  • Clean works: The second part of the work is carried out at the end or after the finishing work has been completed. At this point, it is advisable to purchase the units, proceed to install the units and connect them to the prepared installations. This will ensure that the units are not soiled or damaged during the finishing work.

Air conditioning service Stare Babice.

Air conditioning service in Stare Babice is one of our specialities. Our company, I-Klimat Sp. z o.o., performs warranty and post-warranty service, in a professional manner, taking care of keeping the equipment clean and efficient. During servicing work, we pay special attention to:

  • Thorough cleaning and disinfection of the evaporator.
  • Checking the most important parameters.
  • Fault diagnosis in the event of a malfunction.

The cost of the basic Split air conditioner service is PLN 300.00 net.

If you are interested in air conditioning repair in Stare Babice, our experienced technicians will quickly diagnose the fault and proceed to repair it. The cost of repair depends on the type of fault, materials and technicians’ time. In general, the cost of air conditioning repair consists of:

  • Travel costs (PLN 100.00 net).
  • Technician costs  (PLN 200.00/hour or team PLN 300.00/hour).
  • Costs of materials.

The minimum air conditioning repair cost in Stare Babice is PLN 250,00 net. Trust our professionals who always strive for a fast and efficient repair, taking care of the comfort and quality of your unit!

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